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Our mission is to expand the usage and availability of services built using blockchain technology, and to apply those services to cities, towns and the lives of citizens. We want to make blockchain technology available for everyone to use. And to do just that we are building the City Chain blockchain and the Smart City Platform.

Blockchain technology is not a magic bullet that can be applied to every exisiting computer or human system. That is why we are building the Smart City Platform on top of the City Chain blockchain, ensuring that we are utilizing the most optimal technology for the different services and experiences provided by City Chain and the Smart City Platform.

Cities and citizens will be able to use the City Chain to improve how they communicate, socialize, trade, and manage assets (both physical and digital). In addition, it will be possible to reduce costs and overhead, while simultaneously empowering us with all the tools we need to take the next step forward!

“Cities are mankind’s most enduring and stable mode of social organization, outlasting all empires and nations over which they have presided.” - Parag Khanna

Features overview

♦ City Hub

- Streamlined and user friendly dashboard for citizens, accessing all features of the Smart City Platform.

Communities ♦

- Encrypted, anonymous secure communities. Enabling anyone, friends, neighbourhoods, merchants or anyone to communicate secure and anonymous.

♦ Identities

- What you want to be identified as, is up to you. Your identities are secure, and you can use them across all services on the platform.

Contacts ♦

- To greatly simplify sending coins and digital assets, the contact registry will make it possible to transfer coins using phone numbers.

♦ Merchants Framework

- A complete framework, including a user friendly Point-of-Sale (POS) features, that enables merchants to quickly add support for City Chain, and with management tools to manage coins and digital assets. Merchants can decide to be part of a global merchant registry accessible to citizens.

Voting Framework ♦

- Voting that anyone can initiate, including citizens, merchants, corporations and city owners and managers.

♦ Certifications

- Digital verifyable certifications that can be issued by educators, corporations and more. Keep track of them all in a single place.

Property Registry ♦

- Can be used for land registry, and registry of other properties.

♦ Vehicle Registry

- As an owner of vehicles, you will be able to register your vehicles on the City Hub, and we will work to integrate with existing blockchains.

Insurance ♦

- Insurance is an important part of a modern society, we will work to integrate with existing blockchains.

♦ Contracts

- Keep your contracts, digital or analog, stored and accessible through the platform.

Subscriptions ♦

- Track your subscriptions, to public services and a lot more.

... and more

- This is just the beginning, and we think the community will bring new ideas to the project. Keep connected with us.

Available to everyone

Any human society or city, is built upon the laws of commerce and trade. It is a fundamental principle of the human condition. Without it, we wouldn't be were we are today.

Yet, the majority of trades are still done using either traditional cash payments, or through many obscure layers of financial institutions and banking.

Bitcoin and blockchain technologies, have in many ways disrupted how we look at the current financial institutions and banking, but this technology is still new and different. It takes a lot of effort for the average citizen to understand how it works, and how to adopt and benefit from it.

That is why we started working on the City Chain and the Smart City Platform. The City Chain is a blockchain that will power the Smart City Platform.

That is where the Smart City Platform enters, and with the primary goal of making crypto-technologies more user friendly, and available to everyone, no matter their technical expertise.

The Smart City Platform, with the City Hub built on top, will be your hub into the world of crypto-currencies and blockchain technologies. The Smart City Platform will be powered by the City Chain blockchain.


To enable a more widespread acceptance and utilization of crypto-currencies it is required that the apps and services are easy and friendly to use. It should be both delightful and enjoyable to use, so much that people will prefer it over existing methods.

Great usability does not come easily, it requires the best User Experience (UX) experts and graphical designers that both understand users and the technology. Our developers have decades of experience building consumer and business oriented software and services that have a high customer satisfaction. These skills and experiences will be vital in the development of the Smart City Platform and services.

The apps and services that are part of the platform, is easily accessible to the citizens through the City Hub. This app, which is accessible from any device, will abstract the technology as much as possible and still keep users safe and secure.

Everyone is invited

The Smart City Platform will open up a world of services that are delivered from around the world, not just the city of Liberstad.

We will partner with other blockchains and tokens, making them more accessible to everyone that uses City Coins on the Smart City Platform.

We want everyone to be able to start using City Coins without any technical expertise and through our integrations with other coin and tokens platforms, our Smart City Platform users will have access to a wide catalog of services.

Governments and cities services around the world have already started investigating and testing out blockchain-technologies, and there are one of many examples, from the land registry of Sweden, where they estimate blockchain-technology will cut hundreds of millions of dollars of expenses for the government ( source).


First goal of the Smart City Platform is to make it easy to use and accessible for everyone, the second goal is to become an umbrella for the multitude and wide range of services that are being built today on crypto-currency and blockchain technologies.

By relying on the Smart City Platform, and by owning City Coins, you as a citizen and individual, should be able to buy goods and services without requiring any conversion of currencies, or repetitive tasks such as filling out registration forms.

Your identities are stored securely on the City Chain blockchain, and when you purchase a new service, for example insurance, which might exist on a different blockchain and rely on a different currency, you will get the benefits from the integrations built into the Smart City Platform. You simply pick your services, select your identities, and perform payments. The active subscriptions you have, and the history of payments, are all accessible through your City Hub.

To enable this behavior, the platform and services must provide a rich set of APIs and user friendly apps for all platforms. To develop the Smart City Platform will require time and resources, and it is starting now with the City Chain and City Coin.

Practical use

Liberstad is a new private city being established in the southern part of Norway. It is during these early stages of city development, that we became aware of the challenges and obstacles to widespread usage of crypto-currencies and blockchains technologies in the day to day interactions and trades that humans, merchants and corporations does.

As long as the simplicity and utility of cash payments, or payments with credit cards, are easier than the crypto-currencies, there won't be a widespread usage among the majority of trades and commerce going on around globe.

Crypto-currencies are digital money, in a way that have never existed before in human history. The possibilities with digital programmable money, are huge. To figure out those possibilities and utilize them, require a lot of work. We are building the Smart City Platform and the City Chain blockchain so to enable existing cities, new cities and its citizens, access to new experiences and services powered by blockchain-technology.

The Smart City Platform can optimize and modernize how to plan, build and operate cities, enabling city operators to be more efficient and deliver better services to its citizens. It will empower its citizens, with the means to have control of their own data, financial values and identities.

Smart City Platform (Wallet)

The Smart City Platform is an easy to use web browser extension wallet that give you access to everything related to City Chain.

Chrome Web Store

City Hub (Wallet)

The City Hub is a unified app that has all the normal wallet features you'd expect and more. It runs a full node on your local computer, downloading and processing all blockchain data.

Download for Windows (64-bit) Download for macOS Download for Linux


City Coin (CITY) is what you use on the City Chain. It is the medium of exchange and payment for services on the City Chain, and the Smart City Platform.

The City Chain is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain, making it more accessible to people without the need for hardware investements for mining. Instead of mining, you can decide if you want to use your coins for staking. As a staker, you provide a service to the community and the network, and receive staking award in the form of new coins for every block you are selected to stake. Your chance to be elected for staking a block in the chain, depends on the amount of coins you are staking of the total network.

You can buy coins from selected partners, and from exchanges. Always be careful with financial investements, and buying City Coin from any of the sites listed below, is at your own risk. Providers of City Coin is listed in no particular order. There might be other providers of City Coin, not listed below. Please let us know if you want to be listed below.


The team behind City Chain / City Coin, is a joint group of developers and operations, marketing and advisors under the umrella City Chain Foundation.


With City Coin in your City Hub wallet, you can enable staking and receive a passive income by participating in the network. Staking is a form of cryptocurrency mining, but does not require a lot of computation power like Bitcoin does. You can run staking on your laptop if you want to.

Stakers receive 2 City Coin for every block that is staked (used to be 20 City Coin up until block height 1 111 111). The more City Coin you stake, the higher chance you have of being the one staking the new block.

Approximately every minute a new block is generated, and the lucky staker that generates the block, receives 2 new City Coin. More coins staked, the higher chance of making the next block.



Smart City Platform

The Smart City Platform will host a number of software and services, that makes the crypto-currencies and blockchain-technologies available to everyone.

City Hub

This is your entrance hub into the Smart City Platform. All software and services mentioned below, will be integrated into the portal.

City Hub will be accessible from any device, including iOS, Android, and desktop computers through the City Portal app and website.

City Chain blockchain

This is what will power the Smart City Platform, a new Proof-of-Stake (PoS) crypto-currency by the name City Coin. While the Smart City Platform is being built to integrate and run on multiple blockchains, this new blockchain will the be first and primary blockchain utilized by the Smart City Platform.

New City Coins are produced through staking (PoS), which is something anyone who owns CITY can participate in.

Secure Messaging & Community

Already under development, is a secure community app being built to allow anyone to contribute to communities in a secure, and private manner. If a user wants to stay entirely anonymous, that is possible. The app runs without any major infrastructure, no installations or servers required. All data is stored in the web browser and is never sent unencrypted over the network.

For free, anyone can create their own secure communities which has zero centralized storage. A paid service will be available for secure and encrypted centralized storage of communities, making content syncronization faster and secure backup of content.

Wallet Software

It is a fairly known fact that blockchain technology and crypto-currencies still are only accessible to individuals with basic technical skills. It is essential that crypto-currencies are made accessible and available to everyone, without any technical skills. A user with a smart phone, should easily be able to pickup the wallet-app and start transfering funds into their account, and payment for goods in stores should be instant and seamless.

Being able to perform transactions using NFC will be an important aspect of the wallet app for the City Coin, allowing users to quickly perform small-sum transactions without any confirmation other than physical access to a phone. The limits for NFC payments is controlled entirely by you, the user.

The City Coin is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) crypto-coin, and a full-node desktop software will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The City Chain Foundation will be hosting a number of full-nodes to ensure network stability and safety.

While we will have our own wallet app to ensure great user experience, we are working with others to ensure that City Coin is widely adopted and supported by other wallet software.

City Hub supports different usage modes, and from launch will support both mobile and desktop.

Identity Framework

You are the source of your identities, and how and what you identity as, is up to you. If you want to change your name that you are using for trades and interactions with anyone, that is available to you. You can choose to have a single identity, or multiple.

As you interact with others through the Smart City Platform, your identities will build up trust. Similar to how trust is important in a human society today, it will be even more important in the digital space going forward.

City Chain is planning to support the Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) specification, including implementation of Universal Resolver, Universal Registrar and Identity Hubs. By implementing these open specifications, you can potentially use your identity on the City Chain, to authenticate across multiple desentralized blockchains and systems.


As you know already, having a user friendly and easy to use list of contact is very valuable in your daily life. On the Smart City Platform, your contacts will be stored encrypted and securely. They can be connected to identities that exists on the platform, enabling frictionless payments between you, and all your contacts. Simply search for an individual, and make a crypto-currency payment in seconds.

Merchant Framework

The merchant framework on the platform is a very important piece of the whole. The platform will enable existing merchants to improve their sales and customer experiences, but the platform will also enable just about anyone, to become a merchant that sells goods and services, both online and offline in the world.

Stability is often important for a merchant, so the framework will support the ability to receive payment in the currency of choice by the merchant. If you want to have a local fiat currency, you can do so. If you want a mix of currencies, that is possible too.

Integrations with existing webshop frameworks will be added, allowing merchants to easily integrate into the Smart City Platform, while continue to use existing software for online trading.

Merchant registry will be part of the merchant framework, and allow citizens to discover the merchants that are available in various cities. These have metadata registered informing citizens what services are provided, and how payments can be done. This enables you as a citizen, to pick providers that use modern technologies such as crypto-currencies, and which merchant that integrates into the Smart City Platform. This enables you to have a more detailed transaction history, than what you otherwise would have.

Voting Framework

Humans often have a need to have their voice heard. Part of that, is the ability to vote on issues of concern. As either a citizen, or employee, we want to feel we have an impact on major decisions being made.

Part of the Smart City Platform, will be the voting framework, which will enable anyone to create voting polls, that will be both transparent, secure and anonymous (if needed). You as the user of this service, can set and configure how you want to a voting to be executed.

The voting framework will be used by the Liberstad Incubator Program (LIP), to allow investors to vote on suggested applications to the incubator program. It will also be used by the City Chain Foundation, allowing individuals who hold City Coins to vote on issues, suggestions and more.

Property Registry

Registry built on blockchain for property registrations will be part of the Smart City Platform, likely through integration with other existing blockchains built for the specific purpose of property registrations.

There are already governments that have started using blockchain for property registrations, and what is important on the Smart City Platform, is for citizens to be able to see their properties and all the details that belongs to it.

Some relevant news:

Vehicle Registry

As an owner of vehicles, you will be able to register your vehicles on the City Hub. Integration with either/or both the VINchain and carVertical will ensure that you, have access too all the relevant details and history of your vehicles.


Insurance is an important part of a modern society, helping individuals, families and business survive the unforseen.

There are existing established and under development, insurance-platforms on blockchain technologies. The Smart City Platform will be built with integrations into existing insurance blockchain platforms, allowing citizens and others to get insurance coverage easy and seamless. Etherisc and Insurepal are two potential platforms for insurance integration.

(Smart) Contracts

In life we have many different contracts that we have signed with others. This module on the Smart City Platform, gives you an overview of all your contracts that are enacted on blockchain-technologies. You can additionally upload and safely store copies of contracts that you scan.

This module also allows you to import the details of any token-based smart contracts you have purchased. In the first version support for Ethereum will be added, and other smart contract platforms might be supported in the future based on user demand.


Life in the city often involves subscriptions that have a recurring payment. This module on the Smart City Platform, gives you insight into all subscription contracts you have, either with the city services, or with any other merchant.

Most of the time today, we as citiziens don't know much about the services we subscribe to, what payment and service plans we subscribe to, and others details. Some services only supply some details through regular mail, while others have limited self-service ability through their websites. We need to login at every individuals service, with no easy overview and control.

The promise of the subscriptions module on the platform, is the ability to get better insight into your existing subscriptions, and improved visibility into possible subscriptions available in the city and beyond.

Examples on subscriptions you might have stored on the platform, includes waste services, water services, city-bicycle rental, city-car sharing and more.


Digitizing and verifying academic credentials will be part of the platform. This can be used as a foundation for corporations to validate employment candidates, and it can be used by private or public educators to give cryptographically verifiable certifications.

Note regarding third party integrations

Third parties that the Smart City Platform will integrate with, is not necessarily associated partners with City Chain. For most third party integrations, we will rely on public available APIs. Listing of third party logos is not an endorsement.
Not all planned integrations are currently available, for example car VIN blockchains are currently ongoing ICOs. As the market matures, we will reconsider which integrations we will do.


August 2017
Project initiated, research on consensus algorithm, existing blockchains.

October 2017
Decided to bet on Proof-of-Stake consensus, research on available options.

January 2018
Decision made for blockchain to fork for City Chain. Development started.

June 2018
Initial preview release of City Chain and City Hub.

October 2018
Launch of TESTNET, City Chain Release 1 and City Hub Release 1.

November 2018
Launch of MAINNET.

November 2018
Launch of MAINNET.

December 2019
Launch on p2pb2b2 exchange.

October 2019
Launch on txbit exchange.


Initial prototypes for Smart City Platform, including the Grid Map distributed application.

Prototype for citizen identity, built into City Hub and used to perform tasks on the Smart City Platform.

Initial release of the peer to peer distributed hubs that runs Smart City Platform.

Migration from Stratis to Blockcore.

Mobile wallet prototype available for small test group.


Secure Messaging & Community on the Smart City Platform. (Delayed)

Prototype release of the merchant framework (Point-of-Sale). (Delayed)

Activation of Segwit.

Reducation of staking rewards from 20 to 2.

Upcoming Hard fork: Extending the OP_RETURN limit to be same as Bitcoin.


Web Browser Wallet Extension (Smart City Platform).

Citizen Identity Registry.

Crypto Company Registry.


Liberstad is a new city under development in Norway and is an important partner and sponsor of City Chain. Liberstad will be one of the first cities to utilize the City Chain and Smart City Platform.

Liberstad was officially established June 1st 2017, with the help of over 100 investors from 27 different countries. The project will be realized at Tjelland in Marnadal municipality in Norway.


If you are interested in contributing to City Chain and Smart City Platform, we are thankful for everyones contribution, no matter how small or large. The best way to get involved, is to join our Discord and find a group that is related to your expertise and what you want to contribute on.

Donations (pre-mine)

To support the continued development of City Chain and for spreading usage of the platform, in addition to support private cities and communities around the world, the City Coin will be partially premined and all those coins will be donated to three different non-profit foundations:

City Chain Foundation is a non-profit organization that help develop and maintain the City Chain and the Smart City Platform.

Donation Address: CU78ydNu7odWCEtrCcCSd3fN6hzZqBUyjz
CITY donated: 2,747,200,000 (13,736,000 a year)
Private City Fund is a global and independent foundation that funds planning, development and establishment of private cities and communities.

Donation Address: Ccoquhaae7u6ASqQ5BiYueASz8EavUXrKn
CITY donated: 7,554,800,000 (37,774,000 a year)
Private Business Incubator Program (PCBIP) is a foundation that helps new and startup companies with financial, management, office and infrastucture support in an incubator-program.

Donation Address: CSHuP5iNWrQ3AFPvK9ZnkcH8qvhPHp94kK
CITY donated: 3,434,000,000 (17,170,000 a year)

Each foundation will have their own individual plans for funds allocation. A requirement for all is to within a reasonable timeframe have some of funding locked by Smart Contracts. All funds must be discoverable by the public through known public addresses.

The coins are donated with the intention to last 200 years, with yearly transactions to the funds to pay for donations and operations.

Foundation are not allowed to perform staking with donated funds.

Learn more about the economy on City Chain Explorer.

Donations Allocation

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I take a backup of my wallet?

A: Your Recovery Phrase and optional Extension Word, is your wallet backup. Read detailed instructions in the documentation archieve: Recovery Phrase and Wallet Backup

Q: How will you be able to develop all features of Smart City Platform?

A: City Chain and Smart City Platform is the future of cities in many ways, and will be expanding in functionality throughtout the coming years. Majority of this development will be finance through the donations given to the City Chain Foundation. We have a fantastic team of developers that are very productive and experienced. Additionally the platform is being built on highly productive programming tools and languages.

Q: What is the difference between Liberstad (the city), Smart City Platform, City Chain and City Coin?

A: Liberstad (the city) is a project to establish the first private city in Norway. It is currently under construction and is located at Tjelland, in Marnadal municipality in Norway. The city will depend heavily on blockchain-technologies to reduce costs and create a modern infrastructure for its city services.

Smart City Platform is the platform for software and services that will be developed, building on the City Chain. Smart City Platform will have a wide array of software and services that can be utilized by cities, municipalities, corporations, merchants and citiziens.

City Chain is the blockchain that hosts the Smart City Platform. It will be fundamental to the operation of the Smart City Platform. The City Chain will be a fork of existing blockchain, which one has not yet been decided.

City Coin, with the official abbreviation of CITY, will be the cryptocurrency running on the City Chain.

Q: Why are you using Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and not Proof-of-Work (PoW)?

A: Proof-of-Stake is in some ways, an enhancement of Proof-of-Work, and it enables secure blockchain without the demand for hardware investement and large energy expenditure to keep the blockchain network going. There are continuous development on consensus algorithms in the industry (of PoW and PoS are two of many algorithms) and the City Chain is commited to follow the development and be progressive in terms of adopting newer algorithms should they be better aligned with the philosophy and needs of the platform.


While we take care in providing as clear and correct information as possible through this website and our whitepaper, new ideas and suggestions from the audience, our partners and advisors, can result in unannounced changes to both the website and whitepaper.

Changes that are applied, might change some of the nature and features of the City Chain and Smart City Platform. The spirit will always be the same, but details might change as we progress forward with the project.

All available software is open source and comes with no warranty. See individual license agreements for software downloads.

City Chain is an open source project. Any use of the software and services provided by City Chain and Smart City Platform, is under your own risk and responsbility. Any investment in blockchain assets involves the risk of loss of part or all of your investment.

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